梦想:实现?现实? Chasing the Dream: Is there a Reality Check?



Some dreams come true, but some don’t. What is the key to realising your dream? Award-winning lyricist XiaoHan shares some of her keen observations on the determining factors. Be prepared to re-evaluate your dreams!

嘉宾 Speakers:

· Xiaohan 小寒

· Kuo Jian Hong 郭践红

对话将以华语进行。Session will be conducted in Mandarin.

关于嘉宾 About the Speakers

小寒 Xiaohan


Seven-time Singapore Hit Awards Best Lyricist, Xiaohan is the first Singaporean to be nominated for the Taiwan Golden Melody Award (2008, 2012). She has written for top-selling artistes such as Eason Chan, Jolin Tsai, Tanya Chua, Khalil Fong and Stefanie Sun. Besides Chinese pop music, Xiaohan has expanded her scope of work to include projects on a national level, such as the National Day Parade theme songs in 2008 and 2009; Speak Mandarin Campaign theme songs in 2006 and 2007 and Community Chest 2014. Her works for musicals include Lao Jiu: The Musical (2005, 2012), Liao Zhai Rocks! (2010) and Three Little Pigs (2013). Lao Jiu: The Musical (2012) earned her a Life! Theatre Award Special Mention for Song-Writing. Xiaohan was a judge on TV music competition programme Campus Superstar, and is a regular columnist for Lianhe WanBao. As an author, she has published three books, namely Tears are Capsule, Count Less Happiness and Train of No Return.

郭践红 Kuo Jian Hong


Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice, theatre director, lighting and set designer, film/television director and producer, and independent film-maker, Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted creative roles within the arts.

Her works include “If There're Seasons...”, Lao Jiu: The Musical, and Liao Zhai Rocks!, all of which have boosted the spirit of local Chinese musical productions, attracted numerous music lovers to watch theatre for the first time, and nurtured a talented group of professionals involved both onstage and behind the scenes. Her passion for children's theatre also led her to direct Day I Met the Prince and The Wee Question Mark and the Adventurer, integrating music and children's theatre, creating songs that truly reflect the voices of our local kids. In addition, she eagerly strives for artistic breakthroughs through experimental and alternative pieces such as 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series: 10.

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Sun Mar 26, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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